You need only 4 simple steps to connect your phone with smartwatch

SmartWatch Sync - Video Instruction

1. Install App

Install SmartWatch Sync from Google Play or Galaxy Store BOTH on your Smartphone and Smartwatch

2. Tune Bluetooth on your Smartwatch

Open SmartWatch Sync on your Smartwatch

Turn on buttons to enable Bluetooth and make Smartwatch discoverable

3. Tune SmartWatch Sync on your Smartphone

Press "Enable Permissions" to allow SmartWatch Sync to access notifications

Turn on tumbler for SmartWatch Sync

Allow permission and push "Back"

Note! If you use Galaxy Watch, then the watch will find your phone and create a pairing request

4. Connect Smartphone to Smartwatch

Press "Enable Bluetooth" and "Connect device"

Find from the list the name of your Smarwatch and connect it

Press "Pair/Ok" on both your devices

Connection successfully done

5. Test connection

Send message to your Smartwatch

6. Select apps for notifications (ONLY FOR PRO)

You can turn on/off notifications for different apps

SmartWatch Sync

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