Auto clicker


What is this?

Auto clicker - all what you need if you play in simple clicker games! 😍 Save your time and make your games as efficient as possible with the help of clicker app.

We made new simple, but very important and useful app - click assistant. What you can do there? Everything is in the name of the app - you can configure clicks and use them in any program or game to set auto clicking proccess.

📱 Let’s check what possibilities you can find in auto clicker for games.

In auto clicker free program you will have two different modes - single click or multiple clicks. You can also manage the time intervals during which these clicks will occur. So as you can see - everything is very easy and understandable for users of any level.

Why do you need auto clicker mobile?

Make your account in games more successful
Don’t spend too much time for clicking
Manage all you apps with time clicking

Don’t waste your time on simple clicking - try clicking app! 😱

Download from Google Play and try for a free auto clicker program. You will get all possible benefits from click games and apps with the new clicker app. Just give it a try!