Password manager


What is this?

A lot of social media apps, websites, emails, and other digital passwords for apps and logins ➡ we know how easy it is to forget or lose them. So we created a new app - a revolution in life with passwords - a password manager. Don’t worry about your privacy - password app will do everything for you❗

Today all we have hige amount of different apps, wevsites which we use everyday, digital accounts anf so on. ✅ It’s not safe to have one password for all accounts - everyone know this. So you need to create and remember each password and login to every app/site.

👇That’s why we created a password keeper - easy in use, useful, convinient and very important mobile pass app, which can create, analyse, save and autofill your passwords and logins. We made password safe app as convinient and easy to use for every user as it is possible.

The main feature of our app is, of course, to save all your passwords and login, so you never will face a situation when you lose them. But! Also we made a useful option of creation passwords - you can easily make a strong, secure pass for any program, site or account. 🔥

Also you can analyse your password - is it strong or weak? It is very important to have strong password whoch are hard to guess. Make all your digital account safe!

Save passwords is as easy as never befor with new password manager program. Keep your privacy on a high level! 😍 Download password app for free from google play and start a new life in digital field!