Full notification history
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Have you ever deleted your notification history and could not find some important notifications? How did you try to restore notifications?

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✅ When you use your smartphone for a long time, there may have been times when you delete some messages, but than you realize it was a huge mistake! 🤐LPerhaps you are wondering where deleted messages are now (maybe some cash) and is it possible to see the history notifications after they have been dismissed?

✍️ Even if you realize that you
have missed something important, hope is not lost yet! You can view the message story again.
With our application, all these actions are available to users. ➡️ Everything will be found - deleted messages, e-mail correspondence, and all occurrences of installed applications in the notification history log ✅

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➡️To get started, get all necessary permissions in the notification history app.
➡️Choose apps on your phone from which you want to save notifications. You can also choose all of them.
✅At this moment you can review notifications, get a full history of notifications, manage notifications, check unseen messages, and more!

It was never so easy to manage, save and review important messages than with our free history saver app. Believe us, it is a common problem - once you see some message and then you can't find it! We read a lot of reviews from our users, detected main problems, and developed this historique app to solve most of them.

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